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How We Operate

We understand that flexibility is important to your business needs. We will work directly with your organization to help you meet your specific needs. All of Riptide's project teams are based in the United States, employing only U.S. citizens, and using no offshore outsourcing.

Our Experience

Our team of certified developers and consultants will handle your project from beginning to end. We have a  proven project delivery methodology, which is agile in nature and highly collaborative, with constant input from the customer and project stakeholders:

Riptide uses the Agile (SCRUM) Development Methodology for our projects. It focuses on the management of software development projects. The Agile (SCRUM) methodology employs the use of "sprints" to accomplish tasks on a smaller, more manageable level by setting small goals and completing them one by one. Each sprint typically lasts one week and has weekly demos that we can engage you to see and comment on our progress.

Success Stories