Axosoft Salesforce Connector

Analytics & Reporting

Leverage the power of Salesforce analytics and reporting capabilities to get more out of your Axosoft Scrum project management data in one simple to use and fully integrated application.

Social Integration

Facilitate better communication with your project development team and clients, map contact links, get ticket notifications, and more through integrated Chatter capabilities.

Greater Transparency

Increase visibility for Salesforce managers, executives, directors, development teams, and project leaders by bringing together the power of Axosoft Scrum and Salesforce.

Not Already Using Axosoft Salesforce Connector?

Over 10,000 dev teams worldwide have chosen Axosoft Scrum for their agile project management. OnTime customers reported an average 24% increase in production efficiency. So what are you waiting for?

Manage and Sync Data Automatically

View and modify data with complete control, map users and contacts manually or automatically, and sync at your own pace.

Import, view, and modify your data—project, release, tickets and worklogs—directly in Salesforce.

Axosoft Salesforce Connector integrates Chatter functionality to improve workflow communication with your team inside Salesforce.

Map your contacts and users—create a link relationship from your Axosoft Scrum users and contacts to an existing Salesforce user or contact by automatic mapping or even manually.

Seamlessly sync your changes—From syncing every hour to every month, you decide how often Axosoft Scrum automatically updates your data. You can also refresh your data manually at any time. Bi-directional data flow ensures seamless integration between Salesforce and Axosoft Scrum accounts.

Axosoft Scrum Salesforce Connector is the perfect tool to integrate your agile project management directly into Salesforce.

Features & Benefits

View and modify your data—The Axosoft Scrum Salesforce Connector brings data directly into Salesforce and lets you take control of it from there. Changes you make in Salesforce are propagated back to Axosoft so anyone viewing your data there will see your updates.

Continuous bi-directional syncing at your pace—Axosoft Scrum automatically stays in sync with your Axosoft instance as often as you would like. From syncing every hour to syncing every month—you decide how quickly Axosoft updates your data. You can also refresh your data manually at any time.

Map your users and contacts—You can create a link relationship from your Axosoft Scrum Users and Contacts to an existing Salesforce user or contact. These relationships can be automatically created by mapping names and emails or done manually.

Custom Chatter functionality—Receive notifications about special events, such as incoming help desk tickets and broken estimates, easily link to any ticket anywhere, or make sure all your chatter communications make it into the Ticket. Communicating about your projects has never been easier!


  • Salesforce Edition
    • Enterprise
    • Unlimited
    • Developer
  • Axosoft Scrum Account
    • OnDemand
    • OnPremise
  • Microsoft Platform
    • Windows XP or later
    • Windows 2003 Server or later
    • NET 3.5

Setup & Maintenance

  • Axosoft Scrum installs easily and requires no special training to configure or use. Just download, run the setup wizard, and type in the license key. It's that easy.
  • Configuring Axosoft Connector with Salesforce lets you decide the data you want to use and how to control syncing in a few simple steps.
  • Once configured, it runs automatically and lets you manually sync data anytime you want.

Support & User Guide

Our User Guide makes it easy to set up and configure the Axosoft Salesforce Connector, but we also provide support in the event you need it.

Available on the Salesforce AppExchange

We are excited to partner with Axosoft to offer the powerful and easy-to-use Scrum Connector for Salesforce. Download today and see why over 10,000 companies trust the Axosoft Salesforce Connector for their agile project development.

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